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Sunday, March 14, 2010

PIc Pic piC pIC
Graduating classes :)
Spot me if u can!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Notes :

1. I'm ADDICTED to exfloliator!!! ❤❤
i wish i can use it everyday

2. I'm still stuck at ETUDE HOUSE as PART-TIMER!!!
it is so difficult to find FULL -TIME job! :s

3. I went to work 12.15Pm when I'm suppose to be there for opening
which end up i went to work for only 3.45hrs
due to 3 hours of prawning the day before...

4. GOING AUSIE this Sunday for 1 Week... YEAH!!!!
can't wait to shop!!!! :)

Just had a SUprise Bdae BBQ for Michelle and Sharon!!!

Here we are on the way to ECP!!!
Me, Gwen, Val and Jessie went earlier to prepare food and last min DECO!!!
Not forgeting the photo taker KAREN!!!

the BIMBO Jessie :)

BEFORE ---------------AFTER

Here Comes the guest of Honour - Mr JOEN (Korean director) :)

FoOD of the Day :)


the BDAE Girlssssss :) michelle and Sharon!

SPOT and WIN!!!
can u see me and Karen ???



Monday, February 22, 2010
Im back!

I guess after very long of not blogging..
I start missing to type everything out..
and expressing my feeling..

I guess life will be less stressfull when u start sharing of even pen down ur thoughts and ideas...
Definately when anger comes in between two person :(

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